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Rose had been living in Shanghai for the past two years, ever since she had graduated from college and traveled around the world for a while. She loved living in the vibrant city and what it had to offer. She was an adventurous soul and regularly explored the city and its nightlife. One night, her friends talked her into attending an 11th-time double fisting dildo orgasm show. Being curious, she decided to give it a try. At the start of the show, Rose was a little hesitant, but as the performer progressed, she quickly became entranced in the energy of the room and the pleasure in the air. The performer began to move their hips and thrust faster and faster, while the crowd cheered and encouraged them to keep going. Rose soon found herself entranced in the pleasure of the orgasm show. She felt the pleasurable sensations course through her body and, before she knew it, felt her own orgasm quickly approaching. The performer increased their intensity and Rose couldn't help but scream out in ecstasy as her orgasm swept through her body. Her friends laughed and cheered along with her as they all shared in the pleasure of the show. The orgasm was intense and overwhelmingly pleasurable. Afterwards, Rose was shaking from the pleasure of the experience. It had been like nothing she'd ever experienced before and it had left her feeling alive and invigorated. She thanked her friends for convincing her to attend and agreed that it was definitely something she'd have to do again. Since that night, Rose has been hooked on 11th-time double fisting dildo orgasm shows. She attends them whenever she has the chance, and each time her pleasure is more intense than the last. She loves the energy of the crowds and the feeling of pleasure that the orgasm show gives her. Rose's friends know not to plan anything during the show, as they know that she won't be available until it's finished. She loves screaming out in pleasure as she experiences the intense climax that she gets each time. She loves the way the orgasm show leaves her feeling and she can't think of a better way to get the ultimate pleasure experience.

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