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emillybrowm's 🎺 free sex chatCamwhore Emilly was no stranger to the world of camming – she had become accustomed to it after she began sharing her ample curves with the world on a popular webcam site. Every Thursday night, Emilly and her two closest Colombian friends with big natural boobs, feisty Fernanda and exotic Eva, would get together for an epic lesbian sex fight – live on cam. The show always kicked off with the three of them posing provocatively in the center of the room Emilly had set up in her bedroom. Turning on the live cam brought forth a flood of comments from viewers – they had become quite the sensations across the site. With a few clicks of the mouse, the gals were ready to go. It all began with each woman taking turns fondling and caressing each other’s curves. Fernanda and Eva quickly descended into a teasing tussle, pulling each other’s tops off and then twirling around in nothing but their sexiest underwear. As the audience watched in awe, the gals then proceeded to slap each other’s ample bosoms and push and pull one another around, sticking their hands down each others panties and rubbing one another’s warm, wet pussies. Emilly stayed out of the fray to begin with, preferring to watch her two curvy friends in action. But soon she joined in, pushing and pulling and slapping the two of them around. The girls grunted and moaned with each slap as they all climbed higher and higher with the pleasure of it all. At times, their eyes seemed to glaze over with ecstasy as they slapped each other's chest and backs with their hands or their hairbrushes and combs. The heat of the action quickly got to them and before long, Fernanda and Eva found their pussies growing wetter and their thighs beginning to quiver with arousal. Before long, they were all climbing higher and higher with the pleasure of it all. Emilly had even managed to get her hands on a toy or two that the Colombians shared between them during the show. The three women went up and down on one another like there was no tomorrow, until the pleasure became too much and they all simultaneously screamed out in German, cumming explosively all over their equipment. When the camera finally went off, the bedroom erupted into a chorus of laughter and gasps of amazement at the intensity of their show. Everywhere was covered in a slick and glossy sheen that only orgasmic pleasure can create and the clammy glaze of female sweat had settled all over their bodies. The experience had left them all feeling satisfied and exhausted, and it was a moment that the three of them would never forget. Fernanda, Eva and Emilly were the queens of webcam sensuality, and their live sex show was unlike anything the internet had ever seen before.

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