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Katelyn had been living in Boston for the last five years, but this past week had finally seen her cross the threshold. She had been wanting to explore her sexuality and look at her body in a new way, and that included giving herself pleasure – she wanted to truly understand how her body worked. So it was that one day, after getting home from work, Katelyn decided to take that next step. She went to her bedroom and sealed all the windows and curtains, pulled out a sleek dark purple dildo, and stripped down. She lay on her bed and placed the dildo against her body, allowing herself to take it all in and become aroused. Soon enough, every movement and thrust of the dildo against her body had her gasping with pleasure. Her body tensed and her moans grew louder and more intense as she reached orgasm after orgasm; soon enough, she was lost in her blissful state, screaming out her pleasure as she came hard on the dildo. Katelyn had gone further than she ever thought she would, and the orgasms had been more explosive than she ever expected. Her body hummed with pleasure, and when she pulled it away from her body, she was amazed to see that she had scored five orgasms – an especially impressive tally considering she was just 25 years old. Katelyn lay in bed for a while afterward, relishing in her accomplishment and marvelling at the sheer intensity of pleasure she had experienced. She had been loud – much louder than she expected – but that only made her achievement more special. It had taken a while to get to this point, but Katelyn was glad she had taken the plunge and explored her sexuality in her own special way. Now, she had a better understanding of her body and what it wanted – and where it could find it. She had proven to herself that she was capable of providing herself with intense and orgasmic pleasure, and she was now looking forward to discovering what else her body was capable of. Katelyn felt empowered and in control, ready to take on the world and anything it might throw at her.

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