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oh_julie's 🦓 live chatI wake up to another day, another dollar. I start my morning routine of making breakfast and getting my kids off to school. I sit down at the table with my cup of coffee and look at the calendar. I have a busy day ahead of me with errands and appointments. I finish my coffee and get up to start my day. I head to the shower and as the hot water cascades over my body, I let my mind wander. I think about the things I want to do today, the bills I need to pay, the laundry that needs to be done. As I soap up my body, my hand wanders down to my pussy. I start to rub myself and imagine someone licking my fingers and sliding them into my pussy. I start to get aroused and my breathing quickens. I continue to rub myself until I reach orgasm. I lean against the wall and let the water wash over me. As I finish my shower, I hear the doorbell ring. I wrap myself in a towel and head to the door. I open it to find the UPS man with a package for me. I sign for it and he hands it to me. I close the door and head back to my bedroom to get dressed. I open the package to find a new vibrator inside. I smile to myself and think about how I will use it later. I put it away in my nightstand drawer and get dressed for the day. I head out the door and start my busy day. I run my errands and make my appointments. I pick up my kids from school and we head home. I start dinner while they do their homework. After we eat dinner and clean up, I send the kids to bed. I head to my bedroom and get undressed. I grab my new vibrator and turn on the webcam. I start to play with myself and imagine you watching me. I get more and more turned on as I think about you watching me. I slide my vibrator into my pussy and start to fuck myself. I moan and pant as I get closer and closer to orgasm. I arch my back and scream as I come. I sit up and look at the webcam. I realize that it was on the whole time. I smile and think about how I just made some money. I get up and turn off the webcam. I crawl into bed and fall asleep.

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