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Cecilia and Abbey were two 19 year old college girls, both majoring in Liberal Arts. They had been friends for years, ever since their freshman year dorm room sleep-overs. They'd bonded over their mutual love of pop culture, reality TV, and wild photo shoots. After college, they decided to splurge and take a wild trip to Las Vegas. Little did they know that their wild Vegas trip would lead to a night of pleasure like they'd never experienced before. When they stepped foot into the club, they immediately felt the buzz of energy and were swept away by the music and flashing lights. Before long, they were both dancing and kissing passionately on the dance floor. The night continued to get wilder and wilder and Cecilia was soon convinced to try something new. She'd heard about lesbian threesomes with multiple orgasmic intensity, and that's when Abbey made the suggestion that they both try it out. The two of them retired to a private room in the club and after a few drinks, they were ready to go. Once they'd gotten a few more drinks in them, the party really started. They both got very playful and daring, and somewhere between the kisses and dirty talk, Cecilia and Abbey knew that something special was happening. It wasn't long before they began exploring each other's bodies, and Cecilia and Abbey quickly got lost in the wild sensations. In no time at all, they were screaming in ecstasy as their bodies united in orgasmic pleasure. They both felt completely lost in the moment, and it only continued to get better as they explored each other's bodies and experimented with different positions and techniques. Cecilia and Abbey were completely enthralled in their loud and anal pleasure, and they lost complete track of time in their shared bliss. When they finally emerged from their night together, they both felt completely and utterly satisfied. Even all these years later, they still remember the wild orgasmic Las Vegas threesome as one of the most pleasurable experiences of their lives.

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