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renae_tom's 📋 adult cam chatEmily, Chloe, and Abigail had been best friends since the sixth grade, when their families moved to the same neighborhood. Initially, the girls were only acquaintances as they attended different schools, but soon after a chance meeting at the local park, their connection grew strong. They had a lot in common, from their spunky attitudes to their ever-growing curiosity about life, and soon enough Emily, Chloe, and Abigail were inseparable. Every day they would hang out at Abigail's house after school. They would do their homework together and play silly games like truth or dare and cranium. Some days they would explore the local trails with their skateboards, or wander around town in search of an adventure. No matter what they did, they always ended the day with something special: they would pleasure themselves in Abigail's bedroom. The three girls loved to pleasure themselves, and not just in a typical way. They would explore each other's bodies as if they were discovering something new with every touch. They loved to lick each other's pussies and finger their assholes, moaning so loud the neighbors would complain about the noise. They would laugh about it later, not embarrassed in the slightest about their lewd behavior. For the girls, their private trysts were a way to bond and connect with one another. On the days when Abigail's parents were home, Emily, Chloe, and Abigail would sneak off to Chloe's house instead. Her parents were more lenient and didn't mind so much when the girls stayed out past curfew. They had their own special place to pleasure each other. They called it their secret garden, and it quickly became their hidden oasis. One night, when Emily and Abigail were gone on vacation, Chloe decided to explore the secret garden on her own. She lit the candles and laid out all of the sex toys she had bought over the summer. She started to pleasure herself and got lost in the experience. Soon, she was moaning so loud the neighbors were calling the police. The police arrived and questioned Chloe, but she refused to answer any of their questions. As it turns out, Chloe's parents had forgotten the secret garden was even in existence, and the police let her off with a warning. The three girls continued their secret rendezvous when Emily and Abigail returned, but they agreed to keep the noise to a minimum out of fear of being caught. They continued to explore and pleasure each other, and they all looked forward to their secret garden every chance they got. It was one of the ways they expressed their love and appreciation of one another, and they would always cherish the memories they shared in that special place. No matter what else happened in life, they had that bond to fall back on.

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