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sloppyqueenuk's 👇 free naked camSadie from California is a self-proclaimed sex positive advocate who loves experimenting with masturbation marathons. In her latest masturbatory adventure, Sadie took on a personal challenge to have seven orgasms within a twenty-four hour time frame. The key weapon in her arsenal? A stunning glass dildo that she had been eyeing for months. The morning of Sadie’s masturbatory marathon began with her choosing the outfit she would be wearing. Deciding to go with something comfortable, she opted for a pair of cotton shorts and a soft tank top. Her choice of attire proved to be a wise one; she quickly found out that her masturbatory session would be one of her most intense yet. The glass dildo that Sadie chose for her experience was a one of a kind piece, crafted from two types of glass and combining both smooth and ridged textures. It was approximately eight inches long and two inches wide, and was the perfect fit for Sadie’s needs. Sadie started her marathon with a few warm up stretches and then jumped into the fun. She began by slowly running her hands over the glass of the dildo, exploring its various textures and forms. Depending on the angle and pressure of her touch, she could experience varying levels of pleasure. Once she felt ready, Sadie moved on to inserting the dildo into her vagina. She used a generous helping of lubricant and then took her time inserting the dildo. She experimented with different angles and depths, allowing her body to gain pleasure from each bit of friction. About fifteen minutes into the session, Sadie experienced her first orgasm. It was a powerful and satisfying experience, and she was thrilled to have reached her goal of one orgasm within the twenty-four hours. Encouraged by her first success, Sadie continued to explore her glass dildo and her body. She paid special attention to her G-spot throughout the session, and experimented with various toys and devices, such as vibrators, to enhance her pleasure. As the hours passed, her stamina for pleasure increased until finally, an hour and a half later, she achieved another climactic moment. Sadie was overjoyed at the accomplishment of reaching her goal of seven orgasms within twenty-four hours. She was proud of herself for pushing her body to her limits and enjoying her sexuality. Additionally, she was equally proud of the glass dildo that had made such a milestone possible. For Sadie, this masturbatory experience was not only a physical one, but an emotional one. She was thankful for finally being able to explore her own body and revel in its pleasure, without any stigma or shame. In the aftermath of her much needed mental and physical break, Sadie once again thanked her trusty glass dildo for aiding her in her quest for satisfaction. She knew without a doubt that this was a session she would remember for years to come.

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