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Alice was a 22 year old brunette with a passion for music and performing. She had been playing music since she was a teenager, and was finally ready to take the next step and have her own solo live show. She was incredibly excited, but also a bit anxious—she had never performed alone before. Alice arrived at the venue, eager to perform and show everyone what she had to offer. She tuned her guitar and ran through her setlist one last time in her head. She was ready. As the lights dimmed, Alice stepped on stage and the crowd cheered in anticipation. Alice smiled and began to play her opening song. The audience was captivated by her music and energy. They were enthralled by her voice and the emotion she put into each and every note. Alice was in her element and enjoyed every moment. At one point during the show, Alice decided to do something a bit different. She grabbed a dildo and began to perform some very personal acts. She squirted three times, her moans filling the room and her audience going wild. She thrust and grinded the dildo deep into her pussy and ass. This was the first time Alice had ever done anything like this in a public place and it certainly was not something she was used to. Alice finished her solo show to a standing ovation. The audience cheered and clapped louder than ever before, showing their support for Alice and her performance. As Alice stepped off the stage, she felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. She had done it; she had performed her own solo show and made something out of her dreams. Alice also felt something else—a sense of liberation. She had been brave enough to express herself on stage and really let go of all her inhibitions. She felt free in a way she never had before, free to be her true self and unafraid to be seen. Alice's solo live show had been an incredible experience. She had opened up and expressed herself in a way she never had before and she truly appreciated all the love and support she had from her audience. Alice felt truly alive and thankful for the opportunity to perform her own music and share her story.

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