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I am 20yo :). Currently i live in Chaturbate. I can chat with you in eng.

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2023-02-02: "Goal reached! Thanks to all tippers!" , "make me go to the shower , i'll slap my ass with foam, look how it flies everywhere. i'll only be in my panties" , "apply a cream on my boobs and massage me" , "I'm so hot, wet my T-shirt, I'll be without bra under it" , "take off my panties under my skirt" , "the last tipper chooses a girl who will suck ice cream standing on the lap of another girl, use your imagination" , "mirror show. we will be completely naked,tease you with our bodies, we will be in handpentis and handbra"

2023-01-26: "we'll lie down under the blanket together and slowly undress while the last tipper controls our lovens" , "we will melt the white chocolate and put it on each other's chest, and we will lick it gentle" , "the undressing game. whoever extinguishes fewer candles will remove one thing, we have 5 rounds." , "we want to be in panties and press our bare breasts against each other and passionately start kissing" , "the last tipper will choose a girl who will be slapped very hard on the ass with foam, it will be very hot" , "do you want to see our nipples? we'll go to the bathroom and throw water balloons at each other. So you're going to make us very wet" , "we were tied up by robbers, help us free ourselves. we will give our savior control for 3 minutes"

2023-01-19: "smear my boobs with cream and who knows, maybe you'll see the nipples" , "I want you to take off the rest of my underwear and leave me in one towel" , "I will lick my ice cream dirty while the last tipper controls my lovens 5 min." , "spank me red with a belt" , "I'll get down on my knees and suck my finger looking into your eyes while the last tipper controls my lovens" , "put some cream on my boobs. I'll be in handbra" , "I'll be your designer. I will make a very sexy skirt right on myself. You will be so surprised that you will open your mouth in surprise"

2023-01-12: "last tippers can choose 3 act from tip menu ( not lovense control)" , "I will fuck my pillow, in handpanties, and I will imagine you in her place" , "CreamBra. Take off my body and let me be only in whippen cream on my sexy breast. Lets have fun today(i have red panty)" , "cream on my nipples" , "I will squat right into the camera and slap my ass" , "i will be lick ice cream dirty (last tipper have lovense control 3 min )" , "Cool my hot body with ice, I'll be in a handbra"

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