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AKA popalottapuss - puddin' tits - daddy - buttercup - bonfire - Mrs. Fuck Yea - hibeams - honey buns -

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My shows are in full HD. I'm human ;-).

Currently i live in wherever you are. I can chat with you in english only pleeeease.

TWITTER : emerson_cane. INSTA : emerson_cane. ONLYFANS : emerson_cane. ALSO, I'm a bit all over the place. Love it or leave it. ONLYFANS. If you don't have an account and want one, use this link to make one! I get 20% of the tokens you purchase AND. SO, PLEASE if you already have an account DO NOT MAKE A NEW ONE FOR ME with my link, thus giving ME the 20% instead of CB's affiliates. It takes away from the affiliates Chaturbate works with & gives the money to me instead.

SO, only if you are an unregistered user, please make an account using my link so I get the 20% (that the affiliates would otherwise get instead of me). I can't wait to be able to talk to all you BRAND NEW USERS that want to make an account with my link! <3. Also I thoroughly enjoy talking with existing users on their existing accounts! <3.

I have Type 1 Diabetes & thanks to a few people (man, I love yall) I have a tslim x2 & a dexcom g6, despite living in America where everything is stupid expensive. I don't meet irl - I don't shake with tips - I don't soak grey leggings (or any other color lol) - i never know when the mood will strike, and thus, neither do you. please don't be let down by authentic reactions & otherwise random shows compared to constant seggsual stimulation <3.

Face it. There's no way for you to know my personality by being in my room only one or a few times (unless it's a heart to heart kind of day, lol) So don't assume i'm a cunt if i'm being sassy with a troll or didn't respond to your comment(s) beCAUSE... I OFTEN MISS THINGS SAID IN CHAT. OFTEN. Just, I mean, so incredibly often. BUT I'm getting better at responding & pausing the chat to do so!

Even my regulars & mods are not immune to my reading comprehension during busy shows. Like, so often that if I respond to something someone said and it's "after" yours that doesn't mean I SAW yours. I can read a message and not grasp who said it, my brain... man it's weird. Please feel free to repeat yourself without mentioning that you're doing so.

PLEASE don't ask me to scroll up to see what you said. Scrolling up might not take a long time for you but finding what you said & reading it makes me lose more chats which puts me further behind. SURE I could just be all... OH WELL but i'm not like that & I want to read everything as often as possible. It's just difficult sometimes <3.

For some reason I read the chat from the bottom up when i'm behind then by the time i'm caught up.... I'm behind again. Have patience with me plEASE. There's a lot to read & process (occasionally). If you want to buy me a pressssssent you can with the link in my wishlist area. There are multiple lists that have an assortment of options ranging from affordable - expensive. Of course, that's subjective, but I've digressed from my point. If you want to get something that can't be delivered to my address, you can send an amazon egiftcard to [email protected] for the amount needed <3.

Thank you! if you read this you areeeee a gem. Please do feel freeeee to jump into chat! (Please keep naughty things in tipnotes) (if you want me to acknowledge them seriously)* as long as i see it*** AGAIN... lol........ i miss things said in chat often due to my brain being all wonky what with havin' hypothyroidism and all.

Actually, say what you want & dont give a fucck what people say about dirty talk in the public chat. I also can't thank my mods enough for being so understanding & more than helpful during shows <3. THANK YOUUUU <3.

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2023-10-03: "ClassicTicket: get a ticket to see! - 11 for fanclub members! Type /cmds to see all commands." , "play" , "still horny for more --- #dirtytalk #lush" , "#lush is in, make me cum before i have to leave" , "spread it" , "2/22/222/2222 - nice 2 see you!" , "just trying out a costume idea"

2023-09-26: "#lush" , "#lush wave pattern 100tkns!" , "doing taxes :o - pleeease, distract meee - #lush wave pattern 100tkns" , "doing taxes :o - pleeease, distract meee - #lush" , "doing my (late) taxes. please distract me. also I ovulate with the full moon this month" , "doing my (late) taxes. please distract me" , "tip 100 for a chance to control my toy! let's mess around <3"

2023-09-19: "play with me? <3 tip 100 for a chance to control my toy!" , "play with me? <3" , "play with me #lush - 100s are my favorite" , "dance monkey #lush" , "let's play ;p" , "time for some makeup" , "behind the scenes"

2023-09-12: "playing pretend : can you make her cum while she gets ready?" , "take off something - Goal reached!" , "take off something - Goal:" , "take off something (you choose) - Goal:" , "take off something (you choose) - Goal reached!" , "take off something (you choose) - Goal: naked" , "Emersoncane's room"

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