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Enjoy natural, skinny, lovense, feet, blonde with me. My shows are in full HD. I'm xs ;-). Search and maybe you'll find i love glitter and something tight on my body.

I am 21yo :). Currently i live in Chaturbate. I can chat with you in russian. english.

You can see my broadcast schedule in my telegram channel. Mia's BIO. Hi sweetie. You will like it here if you value coziness and a comfortable atmosphere! You can find a lot of pleasure in my private space, where no one will disturb us... I'm waiting for you, meow. So... Very soon I will start publishing it here!

A little important. Please understand, however, I must maintain some kind of decency, so I ask you not to behave badly here, either towards others or towards me. And remember: you are welcome here! New molds for casting gypsum products; skydiving; life outside the city in a small cute house (oh, if only he were still mine...); own home furnishings studio.

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