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I am 36yo :). Currently i live in California, United States. I can chat with you in english.

Welcome to my room! Please consider signing up using so I can get a higher percentage of what you tip... AND if you are signed in while you watch I get better placement on the front page. Log out and then click the link to make an account! Answers to some frequently asked questions. I've been camming on and off for 5 years.

I don't have a cam schedule, I just log in when I'm horny or bored or lonely but showing when I've been online in the last 4 weeks. You can call me Pretend or you can call me Lunch.... or Pre or any variation on that is good. Please don't ask for my real name, where I live, or any other identifying information like job, school, etc.

If you want an intimate 1-on-1 experience please request a private show. I will only open your camera if we are in private. What I like about cam2cam is the intimacy. If you are on my screen I want you to have my full attention. Likewise, if I'm in public chat I want the room to have my full attention.

If you'd like to join the Club, perks include; My chatroom is an exercise in openness and honesty. It's a space where I can explore my sexuality and feminity and can receive all the exhibitionistic erotic attention I crave. I come here for thoughtful conversations, to make friends, and to give us both genuine satisfying orgasms. I love having your company for all of it.

REMINDER: PM's are a special perk for club members only!!

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2022-10-02: "Need A Little Company Tonight" , "Need a little company tonight" , "bless this mess" , "cleaning house and hanging out" , "first day of fall" , "Birthday Snuggles" , "Here for the company :)"

2022-09-25: "Up late, keep me company" , "Up early, keep me company" , "Celebrating My Birthday This Month, Feel Free To Spoil Me" , "oh hi" , "" , "Oh hi! I missed u" , "Oh hi!"

2022-09-18: "Oh Hi" , "Happy Sunday! Let's Hang Out!" , "just hanging out probably log off soon" , "LEGO DAY!" , "Grumpy Girl Vibes" , "Hanging Out Assembling A Cabinet (nothing too exciting)" , "Happy to be back! Come say hello <3"

2022-09-11: "Offline for the week... see you soon!" , "Just A Quickie" , "Hi" , "Poundthatpussydoggy - JULY WINNER!" , "July Raffle Drawing Tonight!" , "Hang out with me?" , "Just Hanging Out"

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