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I love to do: 今天真漂亮It's really beautiful tod, ✨✨路過不白嫖Support me, ✨飛吻😘✨blow a kiss , ✨私信 Private message, ♥️點歌一首Order a song, ✨請楚瑶喝甜甜的水drink water, 站起来扭一扭Stand up and twist., ♥️舔舌头诱惑Tongue licking temptatio, ✨10-50秒随机振Random vibration for, 叫老公, ✨比奶心✨ breast heart, 🎀北半球画爱心 love on lower breast , ✨打屁股3下♥️Spank three times, ✨送楚瑶99朵玫瑰花✨ 99 roses to you, ✨换内裤✨ change panty, ✨穿丝袜看美腿🍒show leg with thigh, ✨M腿20秒M-leg 20 seconds, ✨✨跳蛋振奶头(不露点)lovense on nipple , ♥️揉胸15秒诱惑✨Massage your chest fo, ✨闪胸✨Flashing chest, ✨控制玩具1分钟Control for 1 minute, 😍脱掉小內內(不露点)take off panty (no, 🍒手摸妹妹呻吟诱惑Toyour sister, 🎀乳夹❤️Breast clip, ✨控制玩具3分钟✨Control for 3 minutes, ✨楚瑶,我爱你I Love you✨, ✨跳蛋放进去, ✨控制玩具5分钟✨Control for 5 minutes, ✨把我脱光光5分钟naked for 5 mins, ✨做楚瑶的骑士✨Be a knight, ❤️加私人联系方式✨personal contact inf, 😍让楚瑶早點下播get off work early, 😍让楚瑶休息一天😍take a day off

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