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Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora were all the same age, all 18, but from very different backgrounds. They had met the summer before at a party and had become fast friends. They had all gone home that night and decided to keep in touch, a plan that each one of them kept up excitedly. That summer, when school was out and Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora had all gone home, they decided to get together for a girls’ weekend away. Lelya knew of a resort just outside of town and the three decided to stay there. Little did they know that it was a lesbian resort and that the weekend would turn out quite differently from what they had expected. When the girls arrived at the resort, they were taken aback by the atmosphere. They were surrounded by women of all ages and backgrounds. Flora and Ingrid were particularly intimidated, as they had never been to a resort like this before – and never expected to be in a room with lesbians. Despite their initial trepidation, all three were soon drawn into the atmosphere of the resort. It seemed that everywhere they looked women were laughing, flirting, dancing, and engaging in all sorts of activities. Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora were drawn in, eventually deciding to take part in the live sex show. At first, they were all a bit hesitant, but the atmosphere was so tantalizing and inviting they couldn’t help but want to participate. As soon as they began, the crowd erupted into a wild chorus of cheers and applause. Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora were fully entranced, and the show soon turned into an orgy of pleasure. The girls took turns screaming with pleasure as they filled each other with toys, hands, and feet. It was intense and the way the three moved together was so captivating. Soon, the performers emitted multiple orgasms, one after the other, and they even engaged in fisting. Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora were completely mesmerized by the performers and the crowd. In that moment, they were lost in the world of pleasure and were only too happy to get lost in it all. The performance only got better as it went on and soon, three Colombian lesbians, aged 18 and 20, joined them. Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora were thrilled and couldn’t have wished for a better performance. The Colombian lesbians took their performance to a new level as they moved and groaned with pleasure, ultimately pushing each other to the brink of orgasm. The crowd was enthralled as they watched and as the performers screamed with pleasure, some in the crowd even shed a tear of joy. When it was over, Lelya, Ingrid, and Flora were left with unforgettable memories of the show. Their weekend away had turned out to be a thrilling experience. They looked forward to telling their friends back home all about it and they certainly knew that they would never forget it.


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