I am artemisfit

AKA Artemis

My Schedule

Enjoy lovense, bush, lush with me. My shows are in full HD.

Currently i live in Cross Cultural. I can chat with you in english, spanish.

artemisfit's room subject history:
"Take Shirt off @goal"


"Busking for tips for my 18 smol Russian bbs"

"Busking for tips for my 18 smol russian children"

"Wet Pussy ASMR @goal"

"Dirty Talk ASMR @goal"

"Orgasm with Steel bone fucker, buz me to Cum"

"Use Njoy to Orgas, @goal"

"Orgasm, buz lush to help smol lady"

"Get this sleepyhead naked @goal"

"wow, just woke up."

"Building my cardboard spaceship"

"Meaty Fapjack Muckbang"

"Meaty Flapjack Muckbang"

"Cum In Space with Njoy @goal"

"Building a Space Ship for Space Independence"

"Building a Space Ship for Spatial Independence: tips go to rocket research"

"Building a Space Ship for Spatial Independence: Tips go to Space Research"

"Cum with Njoy @goal"

"Jack Off Instructions @ goal"

"Orgasm in tub"

"Touch my peepee at goal"

"Smol girl naked at goal"

"Smol mupet trying to feed family with smol guitar"

"Just a smol girl playing guitar for tips to feed my russian family"

"25tk I'll put something on"

"Up close Pussy"

"Get me Naked @goal"

"Strip me down to my Panties @goal"

"Hi, warming up"

"Masturbate in the shower @goal"

"Shower show @goal"

"Wet T-shirt @goal"

"No goals, just Breakfast. How Are you?"

"Personal Sex Story @goal"

"Cuming and playing with my troll cock"

"Cum and sit on Dildo Head @goal"

"Play with Footlong Dildo@goal"

"Cum in my Big Blue Couch @goal"

"Cum time"

"CUM in my Kitchen"

"Become Fully Naked @goal"

"Lush in ma New House!"

"Put Lush in"

"Little Bob action"

"Goal reached! Thanks to all tippers!"

"New House Tour"

"Playing with myself and a suitcase."

"Get Naked @ goal"

"Play Guitar @ goal"

"Sexy Eye Contact @ goal"

"Make Me Orgasm @ goal"

"Take Shirt Off @ goal"

"Tentacle Sex Story @ goal"

"Distract my Packing #lush"

"French Girl Flirting @ goal"

"Final Sex cum @ goal"

"Sex Story @ goal"

"Change Accent for 29tks"

"Whisper Dirty Talk"

"Wet T-shirt"

"Queen Crazy Dance @goal"

"Cowgirl Orgasm @ Goal"

"Calamity Jane Roleplay @goal"

"Orgasm @ Goal"

"Setting UP"

"Compliment for 25tks"

"Whispers at @goal"

"Orgasm with Njoy @goal"

"Take Skirt Off @goal"

"Anything could Happen Hour #lush #lovense #bush"

"Share Personal Story"

"Reading Hobbit, try to distract me you Sons of Sauron"

"Privates Open"

"Pleasure Time"

"Strong Orgasm @goal"

"Whisper Dirty Talk @goal"

"Moaning Orgasm ASMR @goal"

"Tape Labia Lips open @goal"

"Eve Strip Teast @goal"

"Taco Nipple"

"Sour Cream on Nips"

"Start Taco Tues @ Goal"

"Get Leia Naked @goal"

"good night"

"Cum for my Masters @goal"

"Reading Hobbit, Try and distract me you sons of Sauron"

"Soft Cum @goal"

"Sex Story @goal"

"Njoy CLimax @goal"

"First Orgasm of the Week! @goal"

"Reading Hobbit, try and distract me sons of Sauron"

"Read The Hobbit @goal"

"Story Time: First Squirt @goal"

"Play Guitar @goal"

"Reading off of THE HOBBIT, try and distract me sons of Sauron #lush #hystericalliterature"

"Dark Arts(temis) @goal"

"Sensual Water Play @goal"

"Masturbate till I Climax"

"Cum with with Enjoy @goal"

"Close Up Pussy @goal"

"First Orgasm of the day @goal"

"Get Her naked @goal"

"ASMR Moans @goal"

"She's Only Speaking In Whispers...bb"

"Only Speak in Whispers for 20mins @goal"

"Playing with Myself Till Climax"

"Playing With Myself Till I Climax"

"Make her Orgasm @goal"

"Get her Naked @goal"

"I share Personal Story @goal"

"Guitar Girl Time"

"Pull Out Guitar @goal"

"Pussy Play to Orgasm @goal"

"Commanded By my Jedi Master"

"PComanded By my Jedi Master"

"Erotic Story and Orgasm in Shower"

"Orgasm in Shower @goal"

"Erotic Whispered Story @goal"

"First Orgasm today! @goal"

"Get Girl Naked @goal"

"How was your weekend?"

"Wheel Barrow Sexy Times - Lush"

"Kailee Domi @goal"

"Wheel Barrow @goal"

"Ride Walter Melon Dildo"

"Ride Dildo On Water Mellon @goal"

"Wear Merkins @goal"

"Making merkins"

"Make A Merkin @goal"

"Nurse Outfits @goal"

"Paint Ur name or Image on my Bod 100tks"

"Commanded by the Dragon"

"Packing - Artemis After Hours"

"Packing - Artemis After Hours - Lush On"

"Restrains + Masturbate @goal"

"Pink Butt Plug @goal"

"Pink Tutu @goal"

"Sexy Nurse @goal"

"Madam Butterfly @goal"

"Original Poem @goal"

"Personal Childhood Story @goal"

"eat chocolate @goal"

"Show My Artwork @goal"

"Juggle Tribbles @goal"

"Shhh Bros in the next room #lush #lovense #bush"

"Shhh Bro Neighbors in the next room #lush #lovense #bush"

"Uncomfortable Butt Blug @goal"

"Make Me Orgasm @goal"

"JOI Whispers @goal"

"Njoy Orgasm @goal"

"Pussy close up @goal"

"Get Her Naked @goal"

"Blouse Off"

"Skirt Off"

"Lightsaber Dildo Cum @ goal"

"Lightsaber Cum @ goal"

"Top off @ goal"

"Buy Raffle Tickets"

"Quiet Refuge. Come sit on the couch and hang out"

"500 Spanks GO!"

"Make Me Cum @ goal"

"Make me Orgasm"

"Bottoms Off"

"Top Off"

"Tops Off Titties Outs"

"Lush in- Sheriff Interrogation"

"Dildo Draw + wet t-shirt"

"Dildo Draw, who shoots first?"

"Anything Can happen hour"

"First orgasm of the day"

"Starting In a Few Minutes"

"Wet t shirt @goal"

"Wet t shit @goal"

"Shower with Me @goal"

"Show with Me @goal"

"Hyper Kinky Dirty Talk @goal"

"Insert Enjoy Orgasm"

"Wet Pussy CUM asmr @goal"

"ASMR wet Pussy at Goal"

"Maked Leeloo CUm"

"Get Leeloo Naked"

"Make Leeloo Cum"

"5th Element Lush sets off Leeloo karate mode"

"5th Element Lush sets off Leeloo Kill mode"

"May the Forth Be With You Celebration!"

"May The Forth Be With You Celebration- LUSH ON"

"May The Forth Be With You Celebration"

"Light Saber Penetration"

"May the 4th Cum with FORCE"

"Break Leia into Cumming AGAIN"

"Break Leia into Cumming"

"Slave Leia Cum Show"

"May 4th Get Leia Naked"

"May The Fourth Be With You Celebration"

"Make College Girl Cum"

"Lost School Girl Roleplay at Goal"

"Outdoor Shower Lush On"

"Get Me Naked at Goal"

"Lush on, Open Box"

"I received a Huge box..."

"Outdoor Shower At Goal"

"New Lovense Bowling Game"


"Jedi Knighting Ceremonies Commencing"

"Make Her Cum"

"Up Close Orgasm"

"Pussy Close Up"

"Wet Pussy Cum"

"ASMR Wet Pussy Dirty Talk"

"Make Me Cum"

"Just Chillin"

"Strip Princess Leia"

"Play New Lovense Bowling Game with us"

"DOmi and Mission CUm"

"Cum on Grass @ Goal"

"Strip me Naked!!! (and defenseless)"

"Fight the real Ganondorf @ goal"

"Larp Zelda Outside"

"Outdoor Shower"

"Cum with New Toy @ Goal"

"Undress the Lass @ Goal"

"Undress Pirate Lass @ Goal"

"Pussy ASMR"

"Make Slave Leia Cum"

"Get Leia Naked"

"Be With You In A moment"

"just Chilling"

"Cuddle Bunny in Bed"

"Make Pussy Cum"

"Get Bunny Naked"

"Naked Around Fire"

"Fireside Cammaversary Celebration"

"Cammaversary Broadcast: Cake, Homies and Chill"

"'CrazyTicket': Show in progress. Make Out Cuddle Cum Bath. Tip 99 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Make Out Cuddle Cum Bath Type /cmds to see all commands."

"LIght Saber Combat"

"Make Us Cum"

"Go Down and Lick Kaileeshy"

"Sensual Massage for Kailee"

"Kaileeshy Rubs Artemis' Pussy"

"Make Artemis Cum"

"Make Artemis Cum in Chocolate Sauce"

"Make them Strip"

"Sword Fight"


"Orgasm & Peach Pie Goal"

"Peach Pie and Cum on the Counter"

"ASMR and Cum"

"ASMR Pussy Whispers"

"Get Me Naked"

"Play in the Bath Tub @goal"

"Hot Wax Kink @Goal"

"ASMR JOI @Goal"

"OMG I'm gunna cum again with you Knights"

"Insert Dildo into this Hero's small Cunt"

"My First Cum today!"

"Get Wonder Woman Naked"

"Convince me to Sing and Play Guitar"

"Eye Contact Orgasm"

"Soft Cum"

"Upclose Pussy Orgasm"

"Up Close Fuzzy Pussy"

"Make Rey Orgasm"

"Get Rey Naked"

"Star Wars Fashion Show #lush"

"Make the Misfit Cum"

"Make the Misfit Cum on your COCKodoodledoo"

"Jerk Off Instructions, Hot Eye Contact"

"Make the Elf Orgasm"

"Strip the Elf of her Armor (Get Naked)"

"Masturbate in my 79' VW BUS @goal"

"Masturbate in my 79' VW BUS #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"Just Working on my 79' VW listening to Beach Boys"

"Just Working on my VW listening to Beachboys"

"Just Working on my VW listening to Wheel of Time"

"Slobber over your dick"

"We suck cock at 95,000 FOLLOWERS SO CLOSE"

"Hot SHower Show"

"Spray squirt eachother down while while making out"

"Kailee makes Artemis Cum"

"Kailee Fingers Artemis"

"Cum with Eachother"

"Scissoring with shorts our FIRST TIME"

"Pop water balloon on Artemis' Pussy"

"She Came Out Of The Closet And Into My Lap"

"Quicky Shower"

"Artemis After Hours- Anything Can Happen"

"Every 20tks Switch Accents"

"Cum Goal"

"Gone Wild Erotica"

"Cum with Njoy"

"Masturbate with Njoy"

"Full Body Oil"

"Get Schwifty and Naked at Goal"

"Lets get Schwifty"

"Artemis After Hours -Hang out while I do normal human things"

"Make this Pussy Cum"

"Pussy spread"

"Artemis After Hours"

"Shower time and good night"

"Shower Show"

"Play with Hot Wax Kink"

"Make her Squirt"

"Get her Naked"

"Erotic Story Time"

"Beam me to Orgasm"

"Beam be into an Orgasm"

"Make Her 4th Orgasm"

"Make her 3rd Orgasm"

"Up Close Pussy"

"Play with myself"

"Jaming in Quarantine (No show, just hanging)"

"Dancing Alone in Quarantine (No show, just authentic dance)"

"Domi Cum Show"

"Strip Wonder's Armor"

"Slave Leia"

"make me orgasm"

"my first squirt show"

"Cum with Njoy Toy"

"Make her Orgasm"

"Make Her Orgasm"

"Masturbate #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"Cum with Dildo"

"Dildo Insertion Masturbation"

"ASMR Dirty Talk"


"Get Her Naked"

"Soft Cum in Bath"


"French Woman Dirty Talk"

"Make her Cum"

"Let's play... #battleship!"

"Naked Soul"

"Just Chilling"

"Cumming in the Sunshine"

"Contortion Poses at goal"

"Airy Came to Visit"

"Love in a time of Quarantine"

"1,000 Spanks for the Wench"

"Wenching out here"


"No Show Today, Working on something"

"No Show Today, Just Hanging"

"No Show Today, Just Hanging Out"

"Wash Dish"

"No Show, Just Breakfast With Me"

"'CrazyTicket': Show in progress. Our First Make Out. Tip 200 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Our First Make Out Type /cmds to see all commands."

"Current Goal: Goal #1 Name at 500 tokens. Sex Show at Final Goal #couple #goals"

"Chaturbate Cherry Popping"

"Amaya's First Cam Show"

"Cam girl with me today"

"Anything can happen hour"


"Outdoors at goal"

"Pick A Dirty Talk Topic"

"Pirate Lass and Ass"


"Shower Show Coming"

"Feel Me"

"leia roleplay"

"Shibari Rope Play"

"Pleasurable Burning Wax Play"

"Orgasms Coming"

"School Girl #hairy #lush #strip"

"Testing New Equptment"

"24 HOURS!!!!"

"Camathon hour 23 of 24 - FINAL HOUR"

"Camathon hour 22 of 24 - Sunrise"

"Camathon hour 22 of 24 - Triva Prize"

"Camathon hour 22 of 24"

"Camathon hour 21 of 24"

"Camathon hour 20 of 24"

"Camathon hour 19 of 24"

"Camathon hour 18 of 24 - Naked at Goal"

"Camathon hour 17 of 24 - Naked at Goal"

"Camathon hour 16 of 24 - Naked at Goal"

"Camathon hour 16 of 24 - About to Make Out"

"Camathon hour 15 of 24 - About to Make Out"

"Camathon hour 14 of 24 - About to Make Out"

"Camathon hour 13 of 24 - Flipping Tables"

"Camathon hour 12 of 24 - The Masturbating Maid"

"Camathon hour 11 of 24 - The Masturbating Maid"

"Camathon hour 11 of 24 - Lighting Bug Dance"

"Camathon hour 11 of 24 - Heart to Heart"

"Camathon hour 10 of 24 - Heart to Heart"

"Camathon hour 10 of 24 - Coffee Talk"

"Camathon hour 10 of 24 - ElfQuest"

"Camathon hour 9 of 24 - Bubble Bath and Butts"

"Camathon hour 8 of 24 - Star Wars Shakspear"

"Camathon hour 8 of 24 - Weirdo time"

"Camathon hour 8 of Weirdo Hour"

"Camathon hour 7 of 24hrs"

"Camathon hour 7 of 24hrs - Oil Show"

"Camathon hour 7 of 24hrs - Jam Sesh"

"Camathon hour 6 of 24hrs - Jam Sesh"

"Camathon hour 6 of 24hrs - Half Naked Bakin lunch"

"Camathon hour 6 for 24hrs - Half Naked Bakin lunch"

"Hour 6 - Camathon for 24hrs"

"Hour 5 -Camathon for 24hrs"

"Hour 4 Yoga -Camathon for 24hrs"

"Hour 3 Yoga -Camathon for 24hrs"

"Hour 2 -Camathon for 24hrs"

"Hour 1 -Camathon for 24hrs"

"Pink Taco Talk Show Time"

"Solving Technical Difficulties"

"Iphone till PC UPdates"

"Chocolate on my Dildo Please"

"Heavenly Orgasm"

"Heavenly Orgasn"

"playing in my outdoor shower"

"Number One Getting Naked"

"starting up"

"Starwars Moves"

"Wax Play #hairy #lush"

"Playing in my Backyard #hairy #lush"

"POV Cum at Goal then Outside #hairy #lush"

"POV Cum at Goal/ Outdoors with Rey Costume #hairy #lush"

"POV Cum at Goal #hairy #lush"

"POV Cum at Goal/ Harry Potter reading Starwars listening to Zelda Musisc #hairy #lush"

"POV Cum at Goal #hairy #lush"

"Orgasm Time"

"Sunbathing Before the Show, Lush in"

"Starfleet Flexibility Training"

"One More knighting Cermeony"

"Chill with Zayna_Fox"

"Chill with Zanya_Fox"

"Ticket Show: First Kiss and Pussy Play (99 tokens)"

"Nuru Massage With Zayna_Fox #coupleshow #bisexual #lush"

"Get to Know Zayna_Fox #coupleshow #bisexual #lush"

"Get to Know Zayna_Fox"

"Get to Know Zanya_Fox"

"Wax Play"

"Make me Cum with your saber"

"After Hours Anything Can Happen"

"Play outside with me"

"Looking for my Blastoise"

"Looking for my Squirtle"

"Jedi Knight Ceremony"

"Setting up the Playspace"


"Naked Bakin'"

"Make the Bunny Squeal"

"Bunny Frufru here to fluff you"

"Hitachi Tease"

"Anything Could Happen Hour"

"Backyard Mandalorian Mistress"

"Your Neighborhood Mandalorian Mistress"

"Hitachi Tease your Mandalorian Misstress"

"Mandalorian Misstress"

"Remove my clothes by the time I finish"

"❤Lets get some toys in and have a slave Leia cum show!❤"

"❤Warming up for our Star Wars Lightsaber battle. We will respond to tip notes after class!❤"

"Anything Can Happen Hour"

"Be Back in just a sec"

"Just jumped out of the shower, setting up"

"Booty Shorts Off"

"One Shoulder Strap Strip @goal"

"Just doing Yoga, lush in. (Comeback at 6pmEST for major play time)"

"Making Breakfast and Jammin #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"See Leia Strip @goal"

"Mandolorian Mistress, make her cum #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"Play with me in the Bath @goal"

"oil me up @goal"

"Oil Me up @ goal"

"Make me Orgasm @goal"

"Erotic Story JOI @goal"

"Strip Leia at goal"

"Orgasm @ goal"

"Bathtub Show @ goal"

"Strip Slave Leia at goal"


"Artemisfit's room"

"Private shows are open"

"Lets make a porno together"

"Finished my taxes!! Celebration time"

"Orgasm @goal"

"Hot Wax Play @goal"

"Cum...in a sauna @goal"

"Orgasm when I feel it..."

"La la la labia"

"1,420 Spanks GO!"

"No Show Today, Just packing and Hanging out"


"Ur Initials in Wax for 100tks"

"Hot Wax Show @goal"

"Outdoor Shower Show"

"setting up, welcome"

"Setting up, welcome"

"Orgasm Outdoors"

"Outdoor Shower @goal"

"Restraints and Gag me @goal"

"Wanna help a school girl tie a necktie?"

"Anything could Happen Hour #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"Cum @Goal"

"Play with Hose"

"Birthday Presents"

"Play #hangman! Type /b to see the board!"

"Birthday #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"Birthday Suit @goal"

"Internet isn't working today. Just here to say hi for awhile"

"Internet is poor today. Just here to Chat"

"Resolving some Tec issues"

"Bath Show@ Goal"

"Naked in Nature @goal"

"Starting in a sec"

"Star Wars #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"

"Final Cum for the night @goal"

"Naked at Goal @goal"

"Shower Show @ Goal"

"Get Naked in Nature @goal"

"Play Outdoors with me @goal"

"'CrazyTicket': Show in progress. Close up Cum Ticket SHow. Tip 200 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Close up Cum Ticket SHow Type /cmds to see all commands."

"Outdoor @goal"

"artemis after hours"

"Artemis after hours #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #hairy #bush #cute #hd"


"Bath Show @goal"

"Hysterical Literature @ goal"

"setting up"


"Hysterical Literature"

"Setting up"

"Full Body Oil @goal"

"Settiing up GIVE ME A SEC"

"'CrazyTicket': Show in progress. Cum Show. Tip 150 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Cum Show 150 tokens for a ticket!!!."

"Setting Up #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #cute #hd"

"Artemis after hours #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #cute #hd"

"Setting Up"

"'CrazyTicket': Show in progress. Cum Show. Tip 122 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Cum Show Type /cmds to see all commands."

"Artemis after hours"

"Bath Tub Show @goal"

"Bath Tub show@goal"


"Artemis After Hours #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #cute #hd"

"Read Shakespearian Star Wars @goal"

"Masturbate @ goal"

"Star Wars Fans ONLY #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #cute #hd"

"Only Star Wars Fans / Cum @ goal"

"Only Star Wars Fans / Naked @goal"

"Bath tub Show @goal"

"Shower Show @goal"

"Show Show @goal"

"Naked @ goal"

"Strip to Panties @goal"

"Artemis room"

"Fairy, elf, flight suit @goal"

"Cum @ goal"

"Artemis' Room"

"'CrazyTicket': Hidden Cam show has ended. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Show in progress. Outdoor Cum Show. Tip 150 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands."

"'CrazyTicket': Outdoor Cum Show Type /cmds to see all commands."

"(TESTING Fan club) Play Outdoors @goal"

"Play Outdoors @goal"

"Chill time #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #cute #hd"


"Cum in the Bath @goal"

"Get Bubbly in Bathtub @goal"

"Bathtub @goal"

"Full Body Oil and Masturbation @goal"


"Raiders of the Battleship - Game Over. Thanks For Tipping! #sexy #strip #pussy #cumshow #dildo #boobs #wet #sex"

"Raiders of the Battleship - tip 10 tokens to fire a missile. #sexy #strip #pussy #cumshow #dildo #boobs #wet #sex"

"Lucky Number FOUND: Get Me NakedLucky Guess"

"Lucky Guess Lucky Guess Prize: Get Me Naked"

"Get Naked @goal"

"Bathtub Time @goal"

"Full Body Oil Show @goal"

"Artemis's Room"

"cum @goal"

"Public at 6pm est"

"Artemis' Room #lushin #lovense #lush #natural #cute #hd"

"Naked Yoga"

"Full Body Oil Show"

"Cum @goal"

"Oil Show @goal"

"Naked @goal"

"Meet my Kittens @goal"